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Streaming, Change, And The Right State Of Mind

Pas assez de temps pour écrire sur mon blogue depuis quelque temps auront constaté mes lecteurs fidèles. Je vais tout de même utiliser cette plateforme pour « rebogger » des billets intéressants.

Ici, celui d’un observateur aguerri de l’industrie de la musique au sujet du streaming, un phénomène qui est en train de transformer la consommation de la musique en ligne.

Music Industry Blog

Disruptive technology and the change it brings can be overwhelming, particularly when it threatens to change forever all that we have known. Streaming clearly fits this bill. But the impact of change is as much in the eye of the beholder as the disruption itself. While it would be bland and disingenuous to say that change is merely a state of mind, a positive outlook that is focused on the opportunities can make the world of difference.

To illustrate the point, here are three examples from the last century of how vested interests have viewed revolutionary new media technology.

1-ebwhiteThis first quote is from the American author and essayist EB White writing in 1933 on the impact of radio. Here new technology is eloquently portrayed with an almost magical profundity.

2-sarnoffThis quote is from David Sarnoff, the Belorussian-American radio and TV pioneer who oversaw the birth of RCA and NBC. Here…

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